Target Markets

Initially Aqua Criadero Ltd will be targeting the western and southern parts of Africa, since initial discussions has already been established with the government officials and corporate societies there and returns have been favorable. Nigeria has the biggest potential of Aquaculture development since there is a current shortfall between demand and supply of fish to the populace. Current demand stands at about 2 million tonnes per annum. Current

supply is around 800,000 MT, leaving a shortfall of about 1.2m tonnes. With aqua farming, this shortfall can be bridged. And the Nigerian government is interested in digging further into supporting us in this endeavor.

As far as Mozambique, Malawi and senegal are concerned, they are mostly cooperative societies who have already set up their small scale aqua farming business but are willing to collaborate with Aqua Criadero Ltd to expand further while relying on our expertise and advanced technologies.

We are currently in possession of 2,000 ha of unexploited land in Ghana, we intend to use part of the land to undergo maize and soybean production, to be used for fish feed in our fish farms and the other parcel of land will be used to set up a fish feed manufacturing factory.