Our Services

Aqua Criadero Ltd., has the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist you with every aspect you need to plan, build, and operate your company so that it is sustainable, efficient and profitable. We also offer consulting and on-site management to existing companies looking to restructure and expand to be competitive in the market.


A comprehensive feasibility study should be done on every proposed new project, as well as on existing projects that you may be considering expanding or changing the scope of.

Aqua Criadero believes that any entrepreneur or company considering starting a new project should begin with a feasibility study, rather than just diving into a project and hoping for the best. Aqua Criadero conducts a comprehensive feasibility study, which provides information at the end in order to make an informed decision. This needs to be done in order to investigate the possible negative and positive outcomes of a project before investing too much time and money.

A credible feasibility study must be done by people with expertise in every aspect of the proposed project, people who have no interest in the eventual project, in order to conduct a professional analysis. This is what the outside experts hired to do the work for Aqua Criadero do. With aquaculture, and offshore aquaculture in particular, there can be many unseen risks, and there can also be great potential; however, this must be analyzed by experts in the field.


After a feasibility study is completed and a final report issued, Aqua Criadero can offer the project a wide range of financial options to assist with funding, including financing, a base of investors and international or African funds. Investing in aquaculture can be both very risky and very profitable. In order to assure the risk is carefully managed, any project must prepare a credible plan for building and operating a farm. We can assist in writing such a plan, to increase the options both for investment and for success.

It needs to include:

  • Good location
  • Assurance that the desired species can be commercially farmed
  • Access to good markets
  • Experienced management team
  • Technical and logistical feasibility
  • Financial feasibility / profit potential
  • Proper cage technology to meet conditions of the sea
  • Hatchery technology and management to assure supply of fry
  • Solid assurance of sales at adequate price


We provide everything needed to build a farm, from hatchery to grow out systems to a processing plant.


  • Project Engineering Design for offshore system
  • Building offshore cages and mooring system
  • Design and set up of marine hatchery
  • Design feed production and fish processing facilities
  • Organizing Infrastructure for the whole project
  • Supply necessary equipment
  • Long-term operator training


Operations of a marine hatchery require expertise, and management of an offshore farm requires years of experience and a certain kind of person. We have experienced personnel in all aspects of operations. One proven method of success is for our management team to stay on in a management role for a year or more, and train others to assume these positions.


  • Management of sea operations
  • Management of hatchery operations
  • Fish health and growth management
  • Oversight of feed formulations and quality control
  • Management of offshore operations and logistics