Our Projects



Africa being our market, we are building ourselves an ultra-modern hatchery and offshore cage farm in Mauritius as part of our confidence in the market potential and to serve as a model for our clients in the region. Aqua Criadero’s farm shall use patented technology and will also act as a knowledge hub for advanced training for our partners’ staff for our African projects currently under development.

The farm will consist of an offshore cage farming with modern integrated hatchery, nursery and feed processing plant for the growing of Red Drum and Dusky Kob with and initial production capacity of 2,000 tonnes annually. Our Hatchery capacity will also allow us to collaborate with local fish cooperative to operate their offshore cage activities using our technology during further stage of our development.


Redefining Aquaculture is Aqua Criadero’s objective in Nigeria as we strongly believe that Nigeria have all the required ingredients to set a new model of growth for a stronger and self-sufficient nation. Our vision is to bolster the economy to produce, within a 10 years term, 1,200,000 tonnes of fish annually, with a continuous expansion plan.

We will be producing both fresh water and ocean Tilapia species, our development model from the first year with a planned production of 12,000 Tones of Tilapia will be supported by our ultra modern Hatchery and Nursery of 1,000sq m in Epe, Lagos State.

Our first year production will also empower land farmers and the agriculture industry at large, with the requirement of nearly 20,000 Tonnes of soybean which roughly represent 25,000 hectares of land under soybean cultivation.

Our satellites farm modeling, starting by the rehabilitation of small artisanal productions around Lagos into modern well-supported, managed and individually owned farm, will create a new ecosystem and we believe this concept will highly impact the economy.