Our Portfolio

Aqua Criadero has served as consultant for a pool of projects in CIS countries and West Africa during the last couple of months, and continues to develop its clients’ and partnerships’ portfolio across Africa and the Indian Ocean.


Fountain and Hills Ltd. is a vibrant agriculture-based company, with its registered office in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is the owner and developer of prime agricultural land in 38/40 Burma Road, Lagos, Nigeria, of which over 1,000ha are under cashew nut cultivation.

The partnership of Aqua Criadero and Fountain and Hill Ltd. rely on the fact that the company’s engagement is rooted in innovative farming business in Nigeria and aims to be a major player of fish in Nigeria in the years to come. Fountain and Hill wishes to produce from its large land resources agricultural inputs needed to feed fish they will farm themselves and Aqua Criadero through this collaboration will assist Fountain and Hills with all the technologies and expertise needed.

The Project consists of producing Tilapia and a couple of freshwater species in different locations in Nigeria, serving to lower the country’s dependencies on importation and develop a modern offshore cage farming of species with export potential. Fountain and Hill Ltd. focuses on making Nigeria self-sufficient in fish production in two years, and able to exceed the local consumption level and have enough for export to earn foreign exchange and save Nigeria close to a billion dollars annually from the importation of fishes.


Gemsbury Farms is a wholly owned registered Ghanaian agricultural company operating in the Volta region of Ghana, with a commercial interest in Crop and Poultry. The company secured over 5000 acres of land and developed about 1,000 acres in 2009, part of which it currently uses for its operations. Gemsbury also has the option to increase its land holding to about 25,000 acres. The company is currently involved with Poultry, Maize and Cassava production, and is presently expanding its Poultry production capacity and adding fresh water fish farming as part of its expansion plan. Aqua Criadero is working with Gemsbury to take advantage of the availability of fresh water zones in the Volta area and developing feeding technology to undertake a fish farming project for Gemsbury Ltd.