Statistics show that fisheries significantly contribute to the economy, in terms of employment generation of 10 million people in Africa and food for over 200 million people in the world. Aqua Criadero Ltd. aims to help the African economy by taking a step in contributing towards the eradication of unemployment and poverty.

We are actively working with governments and official fishery bodies across Africa to share our collaborative methods, which can provide stronger economic exchange between agricultural farmers and fishermen in Africa. Aqua Criadero Ltd. aims to encourage smaller fishermen in Africa to form cooperatives and set up aqua farms offshore, while still fishing within inland waterways. This will certainly increase their business profile and ensure greater income for the local fishermen and surrounding economy.

Our cooperative business models have been developed to boost the Agricultural potentials of the African countries and empowered communities in both rural and coastal areas to generate economic growth.


Aqua Criadero is building the biggest aquaculture facility at Epe,Lagos State, with the full support of the Nigerian Government. We have as aim to bridge the huge gap between the demand and supply of fish in Nigeria by feeding the market with 12,000 tons of quality Tilapia after 1 year making Nigeria a stronger and self sufficient Nation.

Satellite farmers concept is also part of our strategy to strengthen Nigeria, through eradication of poverty. Aqua Criadero will provide training and technology transfer to entrepreneurs and cooperative societies willing to venture into fish farming through its knowledge hub in Mauritius. We will also provide them with fry and feed to sustain their farms along with central quality control for veterinary,feed and food safety to make sure their farms are being developed sustainably and profitably.