The Mauritian economy is one of the fastest growing in Sub-Saharan Africa, with an innovation-driven base. Its economic engine is also spearheaded by a dynamic agro-industry, technology-oriented manufacturing firms, a well-established tourism sector and a flourishing financial service industry, ICT/BPO and property and real estate development. New sectors that are emerging include healthcare, life sciences and knowledge, renewable energies, duty-free shopping, as well as creative industries.
With the right policies at the right time in its economic history, Mauritius is categorized these days as an upper-middle income country, with a per capita income of USD 7,500. The business-friendliness approach of the island and its positioning as an attractive investment destination is acknowledged globally. The latest World Bank Doing Business survey ranked Mauritius as the best place to do business in Africa and among the Top 20 in the world.
The economic reason behind choosing Mauritius for our aquaculture project is that Mauritius is pushing on the blue economy, and lots of incentives are available. The export potential is huge due to Trade Agreements with EU and other countries.


Africa being our market, we are building ourselves an ultra-modern hatchery and offshore cage farm in Mauritius as part of our confidence in the market potential, and to serve as a model for our clients in the region. Our farm will use patented technology and will also act as a knowledge hub for an advanced training for our partners’ staff for our African projects currently under development.