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In view of deploying our fish farming activities in strategic locations in Africa, Aqua Criadero Ltd has established itself as a private limited company in Nigeria. Our commitment is to follow green and sustainable farming practices and bring value to our farms production output, while ensuring best practice with positive impact on the environment.

Our group is motivated to exploit the untapped agricultural resources of Nigeria with the use cutting edge technology to sustain Nigeria’s future economy.


We have taking the fish production in Nigeria from its present embryonic stage to a point where other interested entities will join the business and help the current fish supply deficit in Nigeria and indeed, Africa. We strongly believe that our technology and knowledge will help to overcome past failure in the trial of individual and motivated entrepreneurs to venture into fish farming as a business in Nigeria. Our approach to put and share our knowledge with the SME’s at large willing to carry out fish farming activities, has received the echo of the Federal Minister of Agriculture and we are very proud to be part of the Anchor investor program of SCPZ ( Stample Crop Processing Zone Programme) for the EPE Area in Lagos and the strong support we are receiving with the Lagos State.


“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek

Lately, the world has shifted towards the green economy to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities. At Aqua Criadero we have moulded our team into exploring and applying modern and advanced or rather sustainable agriculture techniques to impart high yields without hampering the natural systems and resources that productivity depends on.

We also believe in the power of Unity. We know we can achieve much more as a family. Our model is to bring together new and existing farmers to join in what we called “collaborative farming”, where expertise, modern techniques, infrastructures, assets are shared and combined to exploite new ways to generate benefit and enhance every partner’s potential.

We emphasis on fully vertically integrated farms, including hatcheries, fish grow-out, feed production and fish processing and while our feed production plant, will create a vibrant economy around the soybean production in Nigeria and empower agriculture farmers to be part and benefit from the growing fish farming economy. The real “Collaborative” innovation is our satellite fish farming model that will open a vast area of opportunities for local communities, villages, women associations and entrepreneurs to run their own farm using modern techniques with world class support.

Through this partnership and the “Collaborative Farming” strategy, Aqua Criadero Ltd aims to put Nigeria on the route to self-sufficiency in fish production in 4 years, and able to exceed the local consumption level and have enough for export to earn foreign exchange and save Nigeria close to a billion dollars annually from the importation of fishes.


Calmwaters Shipping Ltd is a foremost shipping, Freight forwarding and logistics solution providers in Nigeria. Since inception over 8 years ago, the company has been providing top class, value-addition services to a wide range of clients, worldwide.

Partnering with renowned logistics professionals in major cities and business districts around the world, and deploying latest technology and industry standards, Calmwaters has set itself apart as a leader in handling door- to-door cargo deliveries (including project cargoes), shipping, port agency, freight forwarding, break bulk and logistics support.

The forward thinking of Calmwaters Shipping to provide tailored Agri Logistics and dedicated solution for farming project in Nigeria, make Calmwaters an indispensable collaborators in Aqua Criadero development in Nigeria.


Nigeria is increasingly been seen as an important vehicle of agricultural growth in West Africa, and beyond since agriculture contributes to Nigeria’s economy. Recently, there has been a widespread return to farming due to the falling value of the Naira, which makes export of agriproduce an attractive business venture to earn scarce forex.

With a total land area of 34,600 square kilometers and an annual rainfall of 1,500mm, Kwara State is richly endowed in agricultural terms, naturally producing large quantities of arable crops. But the agricultural potential of the state has remained largely unrealized over the decades. Owing to inadequate funding, infrastructure impediment and weak linkages between agriculture and industrial development, the industry had grown weak. In 2005 the Kwara State’s governor Senate Bukola Saraki launched the BACK TO FARM programme, which aimed to provide gainful employment to unemployed youths in the state and also to increase and improve the participation of citizens and residents in Kwara State in agriculture and further encourage other to invest in Nigeria’s agriculture. Aqua Criadero is one of such companies.