How to exploit the rewarding potentials of the African fish farming.

Who we are
Aqua Criadero is a company with over fifty years of combined experience that provides solutions for all aspects of farm development, from finance and engineering to building and operational management. We are also backed by a team of world class experts in every relevant field, from oceanography to disease control. Our company provides expert advice and technology with a turn-key solution to new and existing aqua farming in Africa and the Indian Ocean.


What we do
At Aqua Criadero, we deliver impeccable service to every aquaculture project we are involved with and every land farm we build. We also emphasize developing each and every new project by focusing on the goals of the client, and view success as meeting their expectations, which in turn reflects directly upon our skills and reputation.

Our Objectives
Aqua-Criadero’s main objective is to provide State of the Art farm solutions (technology, knowledge and management skills) to African Entrepreneurs and Governments. The company intends to develop in partnership with African interests both inland and offshore turn-key aqua farming solutions to answer local demand or export potential of the continent.

A Pan-African aquaculture project development company

Aqua Criadero is primarily a Pan-African aquaculture project development company specializing in offshore farming setup and management. We are also an expert in other methods of aquaculture, with emphasis on fully vertically integrated farms, including hatcheries, fish grow-out, feed production and fish processing. Established in 2016 with the collaboration of partners Maya Advanced Offshore Fish Technology and Agrigo, Aqua Criadero aims to provide world class expertise to fish farming entrepreneurs in Africa.  In addition, with the recent addition of Agrigo Israel to the team, Aqua Criadero provides turn-key project development in Africa for land farming of cattle, poultry and pigs.